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From there I choose my favorite products with my own eyes. However, I do not buy things directly on the spot. Instead, I'll go back to the mobile with a discount coupon and a low price search to complete the payment. It follows a bit of complicated procedure. PC is a place to browse products together with many people online, and offline is a place to see and touch actual products with hands, and mobile is not only quick and easy to solve coupons and cheapest searches but also easy to settle even online.

Nowadays, even if you have a somewhat complicated shopping habit, you can get the goods you want in two or three days. However, the process of purchasing a bag last summer was quite different. There was no procedure to retrieve a product from a PC. When I was just looking at the Facebook News Feed, I happened to see the bag advertising of the first company called Korin Design KD and responded by clicking on the link.

The Kickstarter that I visited was not the product that the manufacturer put up, but the information that expressed the number of those who had already purchased the product ahead of me. One million dollars? I wondered what kind of bag it was and why it had already generated more than a billion dollars in sales.

It was after seeing such sales information that we saw introduction video about real bag. I watched the video, but I honestly saw the numbers I saw earlier than their introduction.

Note 8 Hàn Quốc hay Mỹ: Bản nào ngon hơn?

When I looked at the introduction video, I noticed that only about 40 items were available for purchase. I could not wait. If you buy things in our country, you usually have to pay a shipping fee of about 2, won. But still my eyes did not fall in two numbers. I bought a reckless bag, and after 2 months, I was able to get the bag at home.

I used my PC, offline, and mobile to see and touch it, and after I got the lowest shipping policy and the cheapest search, I was relieved. I bought the bag because I waited over two months for shipping over 50, won. In , the American economist Roland Hole, in , thought that the delivery bag was more important than any other bag. Is introducing 'consumer behavior theory'. In a word, it is a series of processes in which a company persuades its customers through advertising and sells their products. But the Internet revolution has changed the behavior of these consumers.

And that the development of eCommerce does not need to wait for the purchase anymore, so it erased the M step and claimed to reach the AC step right away. Although I looked at the commercials posted on the Facebook News Feed and found those products, the reason I actually saw them was because my Facebook friends expressed a positive feeling for the service called Kickstarter.

In other words, I was exposed to the advertisement due to the indirect influence of my friends' SH level. And even though I mentioned it before, it was 'sales' that I came in before the information that the seller suggested even if I visited Kick Starter. Direct sales were the best information to express customer preferences rather than customer comments or ratings.

Immediately after purchasing the item, I was informed that I purchased the item and that it was my face.

I was not persuaded by the seller, Posted in the north. Then, my friends on Facebook, the article was naturally exposed, and I simply received a message saying that I bought the same bag as the friend who just clicked "Like" and of course, my article. However, the customer's initiative of persuasion has already begun much earlier than it actually is. The 'kickstarter' service itself consists of a business model that persuades customers to encourage other customers to purchase. The 'kickstart' service is a well-known cloud funding service. Simply put, when a developer or seller of a product posts an article introducing his or her product or service, he or she will indicate whether the consumer will come in and invest in the product.

In fact, 'kickstarter' does not mean to sell or buy things, but 'pledged'. It is easy to say that although the seller puts up his own goods or services, it is the 'customer' that decides whether or not to actually commercialize it. When the actual funding of the purchased bag has been successfully completed, the mail sent from the seller will contain the following information about the seller This journey has not only given us a lot of valuable experience, but also more confidence and courage to launch our products on the market. This experience not only gives us a lot of valuable experience, but it also gives us the confidence and courage to bring the product to market.

Customers are not just persuaded. In the process of funding in the kickstart, many customers gave various opinions on product design, materials, and accessories, and some comments were actually taken to improve the product. Rather than staying persuaded, is becoming the subject of business as the subject of persuasion. So this 'customer presence' is the first thing we should pay attention to at the starting point of the fourth industrial revolution. And now, collecting, analyzing and understanding the scattered 'customer presence' has become a very important business. The presence of such scattered customers is the big data we know very well and we will discuss them in the next issue.

A single apparel brand requires collaboration between a number of departments: On any day when a team makes mistakes or creeps in creeps, an accident happens. Let's take an example. The planning team establishes an approximate seasonal production plan. The design team designs accordingly. Then, production commission is put into production factory. Usually, production plants use outsourcing, so production costs are settled by bills.

In the case of overseas production, the bank pays the production price through the bank loan. It is the so-called bank debt. In the case of large brands, the amount is substantial. The goods are then put on the warehouse through logistics, distributed to stores throughout the country through logistics, and sold. However, if a problem arises in any of the series, the bank will not be able to repay the borrowed money, or when the bills are returned, the bankruptcy is lost due to the inability to pay.

This complex business structure is called the 'Pipeline business' hereafter 'pipeline'. It is easy to understand when you think about the pipeline of a complex refinery. If there is a problem in one of the pipelines that look very complicated, the entire plant is all stopped. That is a common form of traditional business. So the fashion business is as complicated and as difficult as a refinery.

No matter how well-designed designers are, the fashion business does not work unless there is a competency for business elements. Obviously, it seems to be a company with considerable expertise in design. However, it is not easy to understand that it has sold its own brand, rather than OEM, for 1. It is almost impossible in the existing pipeline structure. But they were different. Their success can not be explained except kickstarters. I do not think they could afford their own finance team, production team, marketing team, or sales team.

All they did was to design a product, make a prototype, and take a video introducing it to people. Considering the amount of work, it is comparable to the degree to which graduates of department of medicine and medicine prepare graduation work.

Thông tin chi tiết Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hàn Quốc

So they were immersed in what they do best. Kick starters, on the other hand, did not have the capacity to make a cool design like the KD, but the customers who are interested in such a cool product I knew who they were and I had the ability to mobilize them. The platform business hereafter referred to as the "platform" is a business that plays a role in connecting customers and producers. They have business management capabilities, such as how to use Facebook to advertise and promote, and how to receive and organize customer referrals from around the world.

Kick starter BM image http: This means that there is no need for risk management on the cash flow that is important in the traditional Pipeline business and there is no need to predict the quantity of production. But it can be done almost as much as the original order quantity, which would make it almost impossible for the merchandising team to do what they already do, and they are able to contract with a global shipping company, Source: It's up to the seller to deliver it, but Sharp goes one step further here.

source link

Microsoft’s Samsung action

And it receives customer's evaluation about SNS etc. As a result, Sharp chooses products with high customer preference and produces products directly. And Sharp directly sells directly through cloud funding services like kickstarters. And according to the quantity of sales, they pay the designer a royalty for the product design. Recently, the travel bag project designed by Professor Ngan of Hongik University sold about 1.

In this way, when a designer collaborates with Sharp, the designers will be able to designers and designers, There is no need to worry about other things except the best design. Shapel BM Source: Already existing platforms can dramatically reduce the complexity of the business we think and plan, and allow us to focus on doing well. So, the key word in 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' is 'Convergence'. When buying a bag and buying a Facebook page, I decided to buy a bag and buy it.

I looked at one surprising fact. There are a lot of articles that are shared about the bag, but the more surprising thing is that it is produced and sold in the US using 'English', and the fact that the information was shared was not 'English'. Of course, I also shared the information and used 'Hangul'. And so shared Facebook articles would have served their friends as a very effective ad introduced by their close friends in their familiar language.

It has been a difficult and difficult process to sell goods abroad. It is difficult for them to export goods to foreign countries. Of course, "export" is still not easy. And some business can go abroad only through 'export'. However, KD sold their products to over 50 countries without the complicated and cumbersome process of exporting.

There is a clear change here. In both theories, A and I are defined in the same way. It was obvious that the local limitations were easy to draw attention to and draw attention to customers, and to easily advertise and promote. No matter how popular and famous products are in Korea, you have to go through steps A and I again in order to advance to the US.

In addition, past export models often required a large amount of investment because it was necessary to establish a base for distribution and distribution in foreign countries. So, if we fail to go overseas or export, it would be a huge risk that the mother company would be bankrupt. But one thing has changed. The local limitations that A and I had had fallen. Even if you only go on Facebook, you can chat with many foreign friends in real time.

The hashtag of the Instagram can be retrieved in simple English words and can be viewed in real time in the world. The more powerful these days are the live services of Fez or Insta. This makes it easy for individuals to broadcast real-time home shopping around the world. So now there is no regional border in advertising and public relations. Go to Kooding.

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It can be translated into 23 languages. It does not change the language. Just click on the 'currency' section above and you will be able to select currency units. If you change this, the price of the product changes to the converted amount of the corresponding currency unit reflecting the real-time exchange rate. Is it a huge skill?

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dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc Dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc
dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc Dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc
dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc Dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc
dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc Dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc
dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc Dien thoai samsung galaxy note 1 han quoc

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